Teaser released of Director Kumaar Neeraj's film Nafisaa, based on real life incident of Muzaffarpur shelter home case

Teaser released of Director Kumaar Neeraj's film Nafisaa, based on real life incident of  Muzaffarpur shelter home case

All eyes on the teaser of NAFISAA Directed by Kumar Neeraj, Produced by Vaishali Dev and presented by Spark Media



The shelter home incident in Muzaffarpur, Bihar, surprised everyone. The pain and suffering of its victims will soon be seen on the big screen. Writer-director Kumaar Neeraj has made a realistic film based on this case named "Nafisaa".


The teaser reflects Nafisaa's pain and reminds of the painful incident in Muzaffarpur. Starring: Rohit Bhardwaj, Akshay Verma, Nishad Raj Rana, Anamika Pandey, Sanya Thakur, Shanisha Mourya, Upasna Rath, Manisha Thakur, Raju Kumar, Ram Sujan Singh, Ratan Rathod, Shakti Kumar, Ranveer S. Shekhawat, Urzaan Ikchhapuria, Heena Khan, Divya Tyagi, Hansika Jahangid, Jai Shukla, Navnit Kumar, Zeba Khan.


Kumaar Neeraj said that when I read the news of this incident in the newspaper, I was very impressed and felt that a film should be made on this subject. It took me many years to write the script, do a lot of research, meet the victims, feel their pain and suffering deep inside and put all those troubles on paper and then present it on screen. We have not taken any creative liberties in making this movie but have tried to present exactly what happened; though the names of the characters have been changed, true events inspired the movie. The artist has not got make-up done; we have not shown beauty anywhere but have shown the bitter truth. Although there were many difficulties in getting it censored, I have presented the truth with full honesty.


The writer and director of the film said that making a film on such a subject was very challenging and full of dangers, but I did not give up.


The film's producer Vaishali Dev’s motive behind this film was that the film has not been made to promote or glorify crime, but Nafisaa has a message. This is eye-opening cinema. So far, the poster was launched last month, and today the teaser has been released.


The film's cameraman Najeeb Khan has claimed that this film will shake the society. This Hindi film based on Muzaffarpur shelter home sexual abuse is produced by Vaishali Dev.

While Associate Producers are Beena Shah, Munni Singh and Khushbu Singh. Its cameraman is Sunny Deol's Gadar fame Najeeb Khan. A song will also be seen in this film under the direction of famous Bollywood choreographer Ganesh Acharya.


Glorifying the team further into making this project a success we have Executive Producer: Tejaswini Wadekar, Editor: Sanjay Sankla, Assistant Directors: Govind Kumar and Divya Tyagi  Music & Lyrics: Ratan Rawani, Music Composer: Roshan Singh, Singer: Ritu Pathak, Ishita Vishwakarma, Roshan Singh Project Head: Akhilesh Tiwari.


Director Kumar Neeraj says that by not showing all that is published in the newspapers or on the internet in relation to the incident of Muzaffarpur, the film has worked to bring out such truths of the girl child, which people are not aware of. . How girls were oppressed and exploited there. What kind of harassment the girls living there had to face, all this truth will be seen.