Mangaldeep Mahautsav: A Journey of Self-Discovery and Altruism

Mangaldeep Mahautsav: A Journey of Self-Discovery and Altruism

New Delhi, India – The Mangaldeep Mahautsav, Shri Ram Rath Yatra, organized by the Pratha Foundation and sponsored by Mangaldeep from ITC, was a unique event that combined spirituality, self-discovery, and community engagement. The Yatra was not just a procession but a transformative journey for youth, providing them with tools for mindfulness and balanced living.


The Yatra commenced at Prachin Hanuman Mandir in Connaught Place, New Delhi, and traversed seven cities before culminating at Shri Ram Lalla Janam Bhoomi Ayodhya. At each stop, the Pratha team recited Ramcharitmanas with explanations, inspiring thousands of youth to join in the chanting of Shri Ram Naam.


In the evenings, the Mangaldeep Mahautsav came alive at the riverbanks, where the Rath stopped. Diyas and the delightful fragrance of Mangaldeep dhoop and Agarbatti created a special atmosphere at each halt.


Inspiring Youth to Lead Meaningful Lives


Pratha Foundation founder Ms. Ruchi Gupta led the team from the front, sharing Ramayana anecdotes and Dhyan Vidhi with speakers Dr. KS Awasthi (retired PCS), Mr. Harshvardhan Singh (youth leader), Mr. Rohit Arora (Entrepreneur Specialist), Mr. Anshul Swami (Meditation Youth Guru, Osho follower), and Dr. Raman Sharma (Director Maac). They encouraged youth to lead meaningful lives, free from worry, and connect with their inner selves.


Over ten thousand devotees recited a Saamohik Hanuman Chalisa before a grand Prasad Vitran. Ten thousand Mangaldeep dhoop were distributed in each city, allowing participants to experience sensory peace.


Towards the end of the Yatra, the cities came alive with festive dance and music. The seamless blend of pure cow ghee and herbs in Mangaldeep dhoop mirrored the Yatra's effortless connection with youth, aligned with its objectives. With a pledge to maintain a balanced state of mind, participants lit one thousand eight Diyas together in each city, transcending barriers and chanting Jai Shri Ram.


Widespread Support and Positive Impact


The Yatra received widespread support from the government, leaders, bureaucrats, university authorities, market committees, citizens, and River Committee members. Everyone felt a sense of divine connection being a part of the Mangaldeep Mahautsav.


Speaking about Mangaldeep's initiatives during the inauguration of the Lord Ram Temple, Gaurav Tayal, Chief Executive, ITC's Agarbatti Business, said, "For us at Mangaldeep, it was indeed an honour to be a part of this historic and sacred event. Our mission is to serve as the enablers of devotion in Temples as well as at devotees' homes. As part of our commitment, we have ensured a harmonious and enriching experience for all those who participated in the festivities of the Ayodhya Lord Ram Temple. We express our sincere gratitude to the Shri Ram Janmbhoomi Teerth Kshetra for entrusting us with the opportunity to serve the devotees."


The enchanted youth who attended the Mangaldeep Mahautsav provided feedback that it was a celebration infused with enlightenment. They were presented with a positive perspective that they intend to incorporate into their lives.


Pratha Foundation's founder Ruchi Gupta thanked Mangaldeep for trusting them to touch the hearts of thousands of youth, which is the foundation's prime aim. She expressed delight in conducting the Mangaldeep Mahautsav as it resonates with their objective of reconnecting with roots. Ruchi Gupta affirmed that her foundation will persist in organizing events that offer value revision to the youth.


The Mangaldeep Mahautsav, Shri Ram Rath Yatra, was a resounding success, leaving a lasting positive impact on youth and communities across India. It offered a unique blend of spirituality, self-discovery, and community engagement, inspiring participants to lead meaningful lives based on inner peace and altruism.